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Set up shop of store of brand underwear discount book of 3 big secret
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1) normally optional location is reaching store of discount of underwear of brand of optional location <“”a Href= "http://www.sunrii.com.cn" > aperient benefit region, and hire of land of do one's best is the smallest, with controlling cost as far as possible. Of course, in actual optional location, according to discount store type and market competition state different, strategy of specific optional location is met somewhat difference. To the youth, brand discount store has appeal more, its agree with open in downtown of a few cities and mart, but considering at present the actual strength of discount store, the general merchandise market that should avoid to if set a brand,sell shop especially with direct competitor as far as possible and front of brand brand shop conflict.

2) sell for as far as possible managing cost, of store of brand underwear discount sell field environment stress to beg contracted change design and position. Discount store does not undertake selling a sales promotion directly usually, provide extremely limited personnel service only even. What it depends on is its having a unique style merely sell a design, the shopping surprise of constant emerge in large numbers, and finite but most crucial however service is offerred.

3) the sale is in brand discount store, because its commodity is to cross the season, brand that lacks grade more, reason is on commodity price designation, note commonly have reason of specific convert into money, what the information that uses true, sincere letter will assist a client is correct and decision-making. On crucial service, discount store never is hit fold, allege like foreign OUTLETS, give consumer a compunctious room. Although, research shows the client is right termless the favour that returns money more excel all sorts of appreciation services, but termless retreat goods to be opposite for discount store, want to face an enormous cost pressure. To reduce a risk as far as possible, discount store can be adopted a few deal with measure neatly, if acceptance returns money, but do not return ready money, exchange however similar the card of shopping certificate, at demarcate time immanent discount store shops; Affirmatory perhaps return ready money, but if commodity depreciated, retreat by the price after depreciating pay, come so, not only the termless demand that return money got the client satisfy, and the cost pressure that also makes discount store is brought from this is reduced greatly.

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