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Twin store match well?
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Often see a lot of agents that become underwear and shopkeeper, for him complement the kinds or types of goods inside inn is at the same time in his inn brand of 3 on two underwear, result, doing oneself shop is monopolistic unlike monopolistic, medicinal powder batch not astigmatism is approved. The figure fixed position that creates storefront is not exact, often can affect a sale.

In cross industry sale conformity faddish today, our underwear inn been choosinging to join in underwear of a brand when, why cannot consider to take out one part area to do female act the role ofing to taste shop to sell? Before last and class of price of him underwear brand are acted the role of almost article, already can him beautification storefront figure, attract more woman customer, more important is can obtain underwear at the same time manufacturer and adorn taste manufacturer the help of two manufacturer, where is what is there against it?