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How does set up shop seek ground of a geomantic treasure
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Race to control wants to have benefit landform when the soldier fights, the businessman is managed also should get ground of a geomantic treasure. City business division can be divided for 5 big kinds, each block has his characteristic, you need an area of which one party to should make treasure land, return the breed that should see oneself manage, dimensions, class and consumptive object.

“ climate, favourable geographical position, person and ” are paid attention to in the art of arms battle, trade war is more such. In trade war, “ climate ” represents market opportunity; “ person and ” namely of the person harmonious and harmonious; And a ” of “ favourable geographical position is development business good place. Proper choice runs the place together, the business has succeeded almost 3 into. But for the clothing store to having distinguishing feature each, not be to want to choose the shopping centre with the most expensive chummage only that gold a sector of an area with respect to oneself.

Bosses plan opened clothing store, have the tailer's shop that makes the clothing, have the fashionable dress store that sells the clothes, have large, have diminutive, have those who be aimed at labour firewood estate, have make famous brand monopolistic, have what be aimed at rural market technically, have monopolistic baby of young pregnant dress, what manufacturing profession takes wait, they have their properest place severally. No matter be choice clothing the site of factory, still be location of fashionable dress inn, or the management address of company, school, need serious consideration.

Have in trade group any better such example, it is the shop with a thriving business originally, because of business expand and remove another position, because the result lacks the constituency that suits his, be forced to sit defend Buddhism. In every city, can differentiate the area type that is 5 kinds of models, namely central shopping centre, second devious and village of flourishing shopping centre, gregarious shopping centre, dweller, street with urban suburbs. Area of avery kind of has his commercial value, the key is to choose one place to fit the position of battalion of already of him look forward to, development.

(1) central shopping centre shopping centre of Cun Jinzhong heart also calls very little land city is flourishing area, be located in urban heartland mostly, the high density that is commercial activity spends area, because this chummage price also is highest, can saying is “ very little earth ” of very little gold. The dominant force of this area is large and free market and department store, its type of merchandise is much, standards is full. Because guest flow is large, in double cease day or holiday appear likely the occasion of ” of “ huge crowd of people. Accordingly, if have enough fund, a shop front is hired in central shopping centre, also deserve a consideration. You can open brand shop of a high-grade fashionable dress, or high quality tailer's shop, also can be in large costume market, engineer ” of the inn in inn of a “ .
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