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Inn of the underwear on the net lifts the tide that dig gold again
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Ramble is in street, we can discover the type of merchandise that is aimed at female market is increasing, the pattern of shop also emerges in endlessly. Among them with arisen female underwear inn is most eye-catching in last few years, the occurrence of these high-quality goods inn not only protruding showed level of interest of life of our country modern woman, aesthetic interest rise, also behaved their fashionable to individuation pursuit at the same time. However reporter discovery, storm of ” of shop of this “ pink had changed a network from real life a few days ago.

” of “ pink storm engulfs market of our country female

As we have learned, female underwear traceable 20 centuries the Euramerican country of 80 time, 80 time later period introduces China, nearly 10 years, as shop of underwear of woman of each district market and female underwear brand shop arisen, female underwear also begins to be accepted for consumer place. A data shows: In the family of Euramerican market, female average per capita has underwear 10 / year, the average per capita of the southeast Asia area such as Hong Kong, Singapore has female underwear to also be as high as 6 to cover / year, and the proportion that average per capita of woman of our country market has underwear still is in a budding condition. Saw successful experience of abroad just about, and the potential with huge market of underwear of our country female, if inn of high-quality goods of underwear of a home is in our country like emerge arisen, and the brand of high end of global a gleam of such as An Fen of such as black, An Lifang, Mannifen, love also is customer of our country woman what to understand and be used gradually.

Go up to “ net from ” of war of “ real trade trade war ”

Be in in each old brand underwear and each underwear brand shop domain of loot of countrywide each district, market of race to control while, a few more far-sighted brand underwear and underwear agency begin to change the view the network. The reporter uses the discovery when keyword of “ underwear monopolistic ” is searched in Baidu, a few it is our hep brand already, like 1000 hundred fawn on underwear, dream shows underwear of 9 yuan of brands, Mannifen underwear of underwear, graceful beautiful underwear, much An Na opened brand shop on the net. And the reporter is in our country the businessman that management underwear discovers when the biggest C2C platform cleans out treasure net to go up to be searched with keyword of “ underwear ” achieved many 20000, this among them majority businessman is advocate battalion female underwear, even some of businessman begins to specialize in female underwear.

XX small shop is among them, this year in March, just start shop they acquired very good sales volume inside short time, got broad buy the home approbate. If introduce,according to XX small shop store grows XX, XX small shop advocate underwear of battalion foreign trade, with day Han Chan is given priority to. Day Han underwear has functional sex not good, changeful form, exterior is novel wait for an advantage, but defect is to be bought not easily, and market price is very high, and the fill of cheap and fine as it happens of day Han underwear that XX small shop offers the market is blank, get the favour of numerous woman customer.
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