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The money of man of man underwear inn is euqally good earn
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At the beginning of doing poineering work, it is very important that the choice cuts a point well. Especially to business with a small capital, hold market heat special key.

Do poineering work to taste guidance newly to offer new gate of a few markets to should introduce for you, do relevant analysis for you at the same time, step a market successfully for you the first pace aids a helping hand!

Say feminine money had better earn, the female outfit shop that this want to see full ave lane only can conclude. The hero of the article turns over his to unluckily however and go however, the brand shop of ” of “ man underwear that had him opens between the feminine inn of row upon row of, and impetus is quite fierce, the branch of countrywide each district opened several.

Inspiration comes from Guangdong

Last year the end of the year, hu Senhui and girlfriend go to Guangzhou playing, also want to taking the advantage of this time of journey to look what plays newly meaning. Two people ramble Guangzhou's most flourishing brand shop a street, among them one is man underwear inn.

This is the small shop of underwear of a monopolistic man, storefront has 10 only many square metre, can be the business special however fire. Hu Senhui stands over, the person that looks at about of a few frequent visitor delimited a long time with merchant comparing, carry next remove a few trousers to go. Although understand their Cantonese not, but from merchant busy in busy the appearance outside and in interest of the sort of nice and warm with the guest, hu Senhui nose a faint business chance.

After having detailed knowledge with merchant, xiaohu was taking the think of a way that opens a small store to come back. He was riding a car to run a few of Hangzhou main business streets almost, be stupefied is the inn that did not discover one is a man to leave only, after coming down surely stealthily in the heart, he begins to start work the location that choose store.

Xiaohu's target from at the beginning auroral road changed labour couplet, was in surely finally phoenix have a way. Fierce forest road leaves not far there, and the most important is around have exalted boarding house, accord with quite with the fixed position of fashionable underwear.

Crank draws all directions guest

Xiaohu took ” of the cruel inside a very amused name ——“ to his inn, the fact proves this his inn has bit of cruel really. The person of transient inn doorway can exclamation almost the cruel inside “ ! ? What to sell after all inside? ” because of such doubt great majority the person was attracted come in. Not big the facade of a shop is decorated very sapidly however, multifarious sundry man underwear is displayed shipshapely by design specifications, the person that had not taken this shop is really inconceivable still, the thing of former man can compare a woman even richer!
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