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Store of top class and fashionable flagship
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At this late hour, what we face is the market of unifinication of a whole world, best internationally of product ——— France, of England, of Italy, of Germany, of Japan, even of Bulgaria (attar) with Cuba (cigar) , want you only can conceivable, can be in the world each are found in main city, still can find on internet of course.

But the “ matrix □ that people still likes famous brand product goes travelling shop, among them a reason is people considers the factor such as exchange rate and import tariff. For example, the Italian skin of famed far and near is provided, buy in Milan want petty gain than be in Boston or other place to buy, from the point of some kind of angle, this is right, but certain luxury except, no matter its price is in which city is same, make Western-style clothes of a Frenchy in button agreement for example, its price and having something made to order in Paris is same, and in fact, at present most product is such.

Accordingly, product and price can't show core the crux of the problem, and its are true reason is: One, flagship store always lets a client have more choices, and the kinds or types of goods of newest money also should want than other exit ground much; 2, this is a kind of interesting experience, when you be personally on the scene arrives when the birthplace of this brand product, you can feel immediately shine at the moment, this kind of experience should be in other area to buy than you should interesting much.

For this, " Forbes " partial whole world best flagship store lists come, the reader that is interested in order to offer is referenced.

Store of shoe of Tony Lama skin

Place: Completely beautiful

No matter you are a true bull-puncher, still be friendly ” of business suit of a “ , if want to buy excellent bull-puncher skin shoe, store of TonyLama skin shoe will be your best choice. This inn is founded 1911, its author Lama is a shoemaker on station of commerce of American Texas border land formerly. Today, the company produces all sorts of leather shoe, include ostrich skin, lizard skin to wait, make the bull-puncher skin shoe of design of all sorts of men and womens, children, the price differs to 600 dollars from 129 dollars.

Hermès cravat inn

Place: Paris

The mystery that silk tie can last long depends on his not only feel slips gently, and always glamour is boundless. The silk tie that Hermès cravat inn offers far and near is famed, as a result of,be these cravat not only color is all ready, from weak green to orange have everything that one expects to find, and design is delicate and moving, for example antarctic bear, birdie or flowers wait. The characteristic of its cravat depends on letting a person feel interest is full do not break however sedate, do not have absolutely the least bit place of cosmetic inn of Fresh of small good fortune: Bostonian Fresh cosmetic inn is a small shop run by couple, held water 1991. The perfume that this inn sells and toilet soap are machine abstraction to make by natural plant and become, if contain the bath juice of caramel composition, all sorts of sending out the toilet soap of a horsewhip grass, water lily and fragrance of mandarin orange shaddock, still have use Xue Li respectively - blackcurrant and pomegranate - the various perfume that Hui Qin makes. These products not only flavour is pleasant, and still let a person have the feeling that wants to eat, because this is the good choice of give sb a present or for private use.
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