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The kinds or types of goods that shop of shallow analyse underwear manages mana
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Successful underwear shop is managed, it is storefront each respects such as organization of plan of optional location, marketing, kinds or types of goods, Training Within Industry are integrated achievement. But shop management outstanding achievement is good, is the boss certain meeting gain money? The answer is: Not certain. Because realize those who earn profit to face an one foot truly, it is the stock of kinds or types of goods that has controlled you. Good shop underwear operator discovers a lot of outstanding achievement, a large number of keep long in stock of kinds or types of goods, replaced oneself profit, hardship is managed is to exchange kinds or types of goods of many keep long in stock only, work for manufacturer, agent.

The article with respect to underwear shop issue of stock of the kinds or types of goods in managing undertakes discussing, turn the profit of your earn into cash reserve in a bank from kinds or types of goods, let you appreciate the pleasurable sensation that earns ready money.

The requirement of inventory of · kinds or types of goods

Two index of reasonable reserve

It is need of contented and daily sale, assure shop distributors to be supplied what taste amply, stop the client prediction of a person's luck in a given year that causes because of short goods.

2 it is capital takes up reasonable, kinds or types of goods of huge without amount keep long in stock. Generally speaking, according to the inventory scale that the month sells, monthly inventory should be in 1: 5.5 the left and right sides is normal and the reasonable scale that can satisfy a sale to need; When sale amount: Inventory amount exceeds 1: 11 proportional moment, it is the caution signal that inventory exceeds bid.

The storehouse of · kinds or types of goods manages

The storehouse with good nurturance administers a convention, fine to making stock provides the help with very big reason.

1, good storehouse puts an environment: Ensure to there is point-blank sunshine inside storehouse; Good ventilated; Kill without insect pest, rat; Those who maintain storehouse environment is clean, neat.
2, engaging the load is convenient and quick: Becoming stock is to serve a sale, so the first principle of inventory management is convenience sex, it is certainly can use in the assistant most paragraph time puts kinds or types of goods with respect to the place that can take kinds or types of goods (the case of kinds or types of goods that can use underwear to display ark commonly does what free sales tastes to put the land) .

3, classification puts: According to the different classification of kinds or types of goods, cent division into districts decides the inventory area of each category. Can distinguish according to bra, household inventory area; Perhaps differ according to the brand differentiate area; Nevertheless, to shorten the assistant's serve time, oneself or proposal are tasted according to popular kinds or types of goods, flat sales come the classification of fine stock kinds or types of goods is put.
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