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Choice of set up shop, population is purchasing power
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Comprise between concerned population and domestic population, can consult street agency mixes optional location district a Jie population that police station files and census data. The project that wants investigation includes:

1. Often live population

2. Family and form

3. Population density

4. Educational degree

5. Pursue a trade

6. Accrue rate

7. Population increment rate

8. Domestic average per capita stops a person

9. Hobo is counted by day

10. The age is formed

11. Family year defray and defray structure

Narrate as follows with respect to cent of a few main items now:

1. Domestic population reachs income level

Domestic situation is the main factor that affects consumptive demand. Domestic characteristic includes: Age of member of population, family, state stopping a person. If the average income of every family and family receive the person's allocation, can apparent ground affects the sale of prospective shop. Rise like what be in area family average income, can increase a family to be opposite the requirement of measure of merchandise of choose and buy, quality and class. Domestic size also can is opposite shop sale of future produces bigger effect. Than the family that constitutes like the youngster of a two home, shopping pursuit vogue is changed, quantify individuation, less; And the family of a 3 home (have female) of a singleton, criterion its consume demand is almost undertake with the child for core. The age of domestic member also can have diverse demand to commodity. For instance, aged family its shop the tendency is tasted to buy health protection, food of gymnastical things, nutrition; And the family that has children criterion food of children of key invest in, toy.

2. Population density

The population density of an area, the number that can use every square kilometer or door number will decide. Density of an area population is higher, criterion the dimensions of optional location shop can expand accordingly.

Should calculate of an area by day population, namely door the population of cheeper of the eliminate in Jie adds this area to go to work, the population that go to school, subtract the other place goes to work, the population that go to school. The passenger flow number that flows into randomly partly is not inspecting number in.

The area with population high by day density is and other places of office division, school culture area more. Dialogue day populous area, the character that should analyse its to consume demand undertakes management. Adopt for instance extend next time, increase civilian the project in order to get used to need.

The area with population high density, to the distance between commercial establishment close, can increase shopping frequency. And the area appeal with population low density is low, and the time of client presence is little also.
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