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Underwear sells 3 great attentions
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Underwear sales promotion is special note 3 problems:

1, the resolution to new customer: Come in a client, like to gaze around, ask this asks that, that should differentiate give be new customer, that gives up above all to this kind of client is her misgive, tell her the circumstance of the brand, the circumstance of shop, market a product to its again next.

2, female bosom judgement: Guide professionally buy when the client enters store, should judge know the client should be worn how old the bra of yardage, if take the bra is in the body always shoulds not when trying on or do not try on bought the yardage after causing dress too big or too small, product quality gave an issue and the client can think is not to choose a fault bra, this client perhaps won't become your customer forever.

3, guiding a client to try on is the key that promotes a success, especially new customer, because technique of correct allocate and transfer is adopted when try on, can let client dress bra produce the result that expect is less than. In underwear industry, carrying the successful rate that the bra buys after trying on is almost 100% , can be imagined the importance that try on.

The reason end that we often drop the sale at the product, actually underwear product is like without quality problem, do not have the cent of stand or fall originally, suit only with incommensurate. We often oversight the element that an important element ― is a person then, underwear is promoted is project of a system, be being told well and truly is ” of project of “ fixed position, each product has its due place, be comprehended only attentively, success will come when conditions are ripe of outstanding achievement nature!