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Investment business is spread cannot absorbed
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Although gain foreground is valued,investment business is spread, but not be all business the shop makes money. The expert reminds, for the investor that small-sized to considering investment business spreads, choosing particular trade shop to go up, also want to note 3 kinds of factors that business spreads, accomplish “ 3 meaning of 3 hearts ”“ ” , the She Ji when avoiding to investing business to spread as far as possible often chooses business to spread area dene for, the factor that be the first to be affected should consider is place choosing place regional business atmosphere is powerful. If population is spent thick and fast, population structure, day all structure of number of site of establishment of structure of ability of person discharge, consumption, consumption, business and structure, establishment of form a complete set.

Should notice to choose next a few run the market that should have succeeded, generally speaking, these markets although price is higher, but its hire income is relatively high also, the mainest is to manage already successful, have enough investment redound safeguard.

The 3rd, should aim at build the market and industry of new fighting spirit to be like home appliance of IT industry, number to wait. Say commonly, the price that these markets offer is opposite and it is cheap that character wants than old market much, if purchase management the facade of a shop to these new markets, the potential that appreciates is great.

In addition, had chosen area or after the market, to elects trader the shop also notices to compare the following element even: One, market and floor element. Mature community often inn-keeper is concentrated, still deserve to have the support features such as park, cinema. Hire often can reflect the value that business spreads most.

2, the discretion of utilization rate, normally for, utilization rate raises one times, be equal to reduce half hire. If the position of business shop faces open use space, client shedding compares simple and reasonable word again, with respect to the utilization rate that can raise business effectively to spread.

3, whether look for accurate industry city constant the redound that exact market fixed position can increase investment greatly, for instance “ number dress of ” of a street, “ ” of a street, look for accurate market to locate but get twice the result with half the effort. The 3 hearts of “ that dingdong investment business spreads 3 meaning ”