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Correct view of sexy lingerie
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The emergence of sexy underwear is not accidental, in China, the traditional front of a big country, how should we look at sexy underwear? Sexy underwear in the perceived status quo is what it? As this generation of intellectuals, as long as wide a little bit of insight, I believe that for such clothing is nothing special, just ordinary, like lingerie, the only difference is that may be more exposed to it. Of course, the same with my peers, more performance out of surprise, but after I doubled explain later, they will be comfortable with this thing. Now 30 years old to 50 years of age, is the main consumer groups sexy underwear, after all, after so many years of married life, will inevitably produce the feeling of boredom, fun underwear for them is a very good product, can improve the lives of husband and wife quality, and they have the spending power. Of course this is only a small number of people, most people think sexy lingerie is a vulgar expression, that if the woman will be dressed in such clothes act like "hang around" the same woman. For now 90, said later, sexy underwear very normal, they think it is very common goods, daily necessities, they are easy to accept, but their spending power is often limited, is not the main consumer groups sexy underwear. How do you know that we in the end the essence of sexy underwear it? 1. Racy lingerie a couple products, for indoors. 2. Taste is to let women sexy underwear, so that men excited, there is no vulgar 3. With racy lingerie to show the family a better quality of life