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Garment industry is in the keep out in upgrading is cold
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Economist Mr Lang Xianping has theory of a “6 1” : On industrial value chain, include products plan, raw material to purchase, storage is carried, order processing, wholesale manage, terminal is retail inside 6 blame manufacturing industry (namely “6” ) be in high end of whole industry profit, production is made (namely “1” ) the lowermost end that is in industrial catenary.

Before the Chinese clothing company of great majority is exported especially model clothing company puts focus on “1” all the time, use up raw material much, pollution is tall, additional cost is low, fight risk ability difference, this also is the prime cause of get into trouble is in garment industry. The market does not sympathize with the weak. Chinese clothing company should cast off nightmare, go peacefully from in the winter, must lose “1” catchs “6” , take part in a battle with light packs, promote oneself the value in industrial catenary hard.

Regard value as the forerunner that upgrade, the United States is special this · state power, the surveyor's pole enterprise such as PPG contributed two kinds to be able to encircle what can nod to run mode for us. Origin:  compares felt