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Take you to walk into Russia underwear market
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The Russian is country, Baltic to southeast Asia before coastal state (point to Lithuania, Latuoweiya, Estonia) cheap underwear is yearning unceasingly, prep close behind of European underwear manufacturer is in hind, ascended this land. Go up century 90 time metaphase, shop middling can see Lormar, such brand of Comet and Lieey underwear. The capacity of Russia underwear market is very at present difficult accurate computation, major expert thinks to be between 100 million dollars of 17.5-50, because come from southeast Asia, Turkey, alone the underwear product of couplet system nation, data not clear or mutual contradiction, to its computation can take approximation only; Different expert is abhorrent to the classification of underwear (can have to the classification of underwear: Home of male underwear, female underwear, children underwear, female corselet, vest, swimsuit, bedgown, house is taken etc, special underwear includes pregnant woman outfit, wet nurse outfit, patient to take, orthopaedic is taken, heat preservation underwear) .

A lot of annualer foreign manufacturer is full of interest to Russia market, the product of country of Europe, North America, South America, Asia can see in the shop nowadays, native manufacturer also tries hard increase production, as Muscovite as Lntri(producing area) , ” of “ stiff Li Conglin (Muscovite) , ” of “ reviewing stand (Sanket) , Palmetta (producing area Xiekajielinbao) wait for a brand very somebody is angry. Russia produces a brand to be in in on low price.

Higher-priced (250-300 dollar) underwear has Christian, Lacroix, Cotton, Clab, Dolce&Gabbana, Nina Ricci, Moschino, the underwear of this price has the sale system of complete Russia, the characteristic of this higher-priced market is client amount finite, buy capacity strong and stable, pay attention to brand and popular trend, the commission of agency comes from many brands factory.

In price (180 dollars are controlled) underwear, dim, Triumph, Felina waits, of 120 dollars in price underwear has Pierre Cardin, Lieleive, Women Secret, Lise Charmel, Blu Enigma Antinea, distribute of underwear of these two price those who specialize in inn, supermarket, emporium specialize in bar. Low price underwear is production of Baltic coastal state in 100 dollars, lauma, Rosme waits, certain Italy brand is like Cotonella, Sielei to wait, the “ of White Russia is lovely braid ” card. The underwear under 50 dollars belongs to product of blame famous brand, have the product of southeast Asia, Turkey, White Russia, also have Russia homeland product, average price is controlled in 1000 ruble, general by specialize in inn pass on, turn to monopolistic bar or small shop.

Past dweller income is low, the client's demand is centered in low underwear mostly, income increased now, underwear of the price in attention of client more ground, satisfy oneself without ability the person of high-grade demand, also stare at eyeball in in on price underwear. Nevertheless, the customer is average itself of underwear of the price in noticing only, not much to their manufacturer feeling. Occupy the investigation of pair of each agents, “ is lovely no matter be in Muscovite, Sanket,braid ” card underwear, still be in Russia the whole nation, be most all-pervading a kind of underwear, because consumer has how old faithful sex to the brand,not be, however because of it in the market the price is the cheapest. Be in in on low price underwear, consumer notices rarely to popular trend, design of not great care is this year, still was last year, buying a reason basically is old clothes bad already need to change. Every quarter buys Russia the client of underwear, occupy 35% , every half an year buys the customer of underwear, occupy 37% . 25-34 year old young woman is the most active to buying underwear, 17% what they reach annual dress pay in the defray of underwear, it is 150-200 dollar on average / year.
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