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The director that spin look forward to praises cold winter: Seemed to turn 100 y
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If “ says, this year spring the winter that spins look forward to already came, the cold winter that door leaf of painful thorough heart will be by this year so comes. The personage inside ” course of study thinks, the RMB appreciates, labor cost rises, loan is compressed had made the spin industry a serious illness of small profit pesters a body, and erupt of the crisis in the round as finance, spin enterprise or bank ” will;burst;ulcerate;fester in “ of the end of the year.


“ supplier in quick succession comes to demand repayment ”

Year manufacturing knitting dress 3.6 million Jia Di group cuts down the member of persons employed 2/3, “ near us the plant of a 500 much people cuts down the member of persons employed 408, cut down the member of persons employed, indebted, these are what rare miracle no longer. Jiang Xia Di shows president of group of ” Jia Di, “ is current, the loan of the bank was not returned, supplier in quick succession comes to demand repayment, but the payment for goods of 2000 much dollars that the United States purchases business to default does not have assured source however. ”

Industry profit drops point-blank

Begin from 2007, jiang Xiaping feels hasten of profit of dress treatment industry is small apparently. She tells a reporter, the hand-me-down cost of 20 dollars forms an export price to be roughly: Fabrics 8 dollars, complementary makings 2.5 dollars, charge for the making of sth. 5 dollars, freight 2 dollars, plus exporter the profit of 10% , I just entered “ when spin industry, profit is the most high-energy achieve 40% . ”

Not only such, order is not worth badly also. The order that does not receive before “ , ” Jiang Xiaping says, “ and have period of time, an order is done not have, although came order, also dare not raise price, dare not receive order more. ”

From second the outbreak that borrows the crisis begins, american importer is very sensitive on the price, took without precedent in history purchase from close strategy. Not only old money product is avoided talk increase price, new fund product also is it is very difficult to raise price.

“ second the panic that borrowed the crisis to had created spin company, and the outbreak of financial crisis deepened this kind of panic in the round. The personage inside ” course of study thinks, it is under this kind of panic, medium or small export business is faced with it is difficult to live, and the end of the year that expires in payment for goods of bank loan, supplier, difficulty general all the more is austere.

Be versed in person pay promotes considerably

If the salary of the worker that a hand-me-down finishs to make previously is 5 dollars, mentioned 8 dollars now. If “ says the advantage previously is cheap labor cost, this kind of advantage has disappeared now danger. ”“ is raised do not have the labor worker with full-time ” , jiang Xiaping can allot partial order to individual small processing factory only.
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