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Garden of industry of Chinese underwear originality prepares to construct formal
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On October 17, government of town of Nanhai big drop established China formally (saline pace) garden of underwear originality industry prepares to construct leader group, hold the position of a group leader by alcalde Wu Shaoqiu, start garden of this originality industry in the round prepare to construct.

According to introducing, china (saline pace) garden of underwear originality industry already decided optional location presses down saline Bu Ying to emerge in big drop the day connects borderline section, one annulus of Fosan “ ” and boundary of spic salt road, the program covers an area of about 1000 mus, head period development makes an appointment with 500 mus. This project already won the approval of association of industry of knitting of association of Chinese textile industry, China. This industry garden is on sale production of collect technology research and development, dimensions, product, content shedding deserves to send at an organic whole, carry business of industrial group interior benign competition and collaboration, promote industry of saline pace underwear competitive advantage from whole.

The development construction of “ garden area will adopt what chime of governmental guiding, enterprise can participate in jointly to commercialize run mode, the fashionable originality division with special open up, vogue is exhibited perform the many functions area such as the area. Town of ” big drop says about chief, the government will publish relevant and favourable policy in succession, give aid to into garden enterprise strategy of own innovation, executive brand is mixed induct excellent design talent. Prepare to construct the working group will recruit personnel of relevant and professional technology to form working entity, science adds up to sleave to exhibit prepare to construct the job.

Big drop town expresses about chief, regard famous city of “ China underwear as ” , big drop town hopes to be able to pass the construction of garden of industry of this underwear originality, promote the development of underwear industry, develop industrial group collect an advantage, the area that promotes underwear of “ salt pace ” tastes card value, enhance the core competition ability of whole underwear industry thereby.

Origin: Fosan daily