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Hopeful of rate of drawback of garment industry opening is carried to 15%
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17 days of the State Council are standing conference requirement, raise the labor such as dress, spin concentrated model product and high additional cost rate of drawback of exit of mechanical and electrical products, in order to support advantage company and product exit. In the bookshops is rifer, spin the outlet that take to retreat tax rate general this year the four seasons is spent go up again move to 15% .

Dress exports the market as before low fan

This year on July 31, make known to lower levels of total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state " the announcement that exports drawback rate about adjusting the partial commodity such as textile dress " , the announcement points out, via approval of the State Council, the exit of partial textile, dress drawback is led by 11% rise 13% , carry out since August 1, 2008. “ of this policy come on stage, will tell to whole industry is a good news, it is potion invigorator to the good business of 1/3, and it is needle of potion strong heart only to the poor enterprise of 2/3. When Gao Yong of vice-chairman of association of ” China textile industry is evaluating the effect that exit moves pair of companies on drawback policy, compare so.

But at the same time, the our country that customs total office announces spins take export figure to not allow however hopeful: ? of patch up close month, our country dress and clothing accessories export 87.08 billion dollar, grow 1.8% , than last year the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) fall after a rise 21.2 percent. Good from the interest of exit drawback policy that carries out since August 1 news fails to come true 8, dress will export growth in September, exit amplitude still presents downtrend, this gives dress to export the market from report of a flank low fan. The expert thinks, prospective 1~2 inside year, ” of cold winter of “ of whole textile service industry still continues.

Then, go up once more the cry that v mouth drawback leads is increased ceaselessly. Recently, in the bookshops is rifer spin the outlet that take to retreat tax rate to will go up again at the near future move to 15% .

Hopeful is moved to 15% on the end of the year

Du Yu of chairman of association of Chinese textile industry continent appeal yesterday, hope exit drawback is led can “ restores original 15%” , hope the government can strengthen public to the society of medium and small businesses service, those who include to wait for a respect in technology, informatization, content shedding groom and support.

The attune on “ still loses quite to the strength of 15% , I think the part is spun taste exit to retreat the attune on tax rate to come 17% more appropriate. Editor in chief of ” some network barks advancement thinks, press analysis of current foreign trade situation, the government is very possible will this year the four seasons is spent go up once more tone spins quarterly outlet to withdraw tax rate: &Home Ldquo; is spun taste the exit that reachs dress to withdraw tax rate more hopeful go up considerably the top range ——17% that is moved to our country history to go up. ” origin: Bank ⑹ north
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