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Underwear model opens Venus era
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The professionalism process of underwear model, it is the corresponding child that underwear industry blends in mainstream vogue likewise.

Upgrade gradually as what consume a concept, underwear already the heat preservation that by goes, develop to functional sex, fashionable sex, seasonal, diversification, underwear industry had become a burgeoning industrial chain. Ground of giant underwear industry group emerges in endlessly, representing the flourishing of underwear industry. And the fashionable dress of underwear changes the trend (the extroversion of dress means is changed, the fashionable dress that fashionable dress is changed and devises technique changes) , more make underwear world was cast off what serve as general articles for use at first is drab with drab, more tend the style is diversiform.

Industrial dimensions and temperamental promotion, the demand that brought up underwear model rises with each passing day. Face so giant underwear industry and market, emerge as the times require of professional underwear model. And be in underwear brand enterprise lead, the underwear model that relies on Yuneiyiwen to change also is specializationing in ceaseless trend with professionalism.

As we have learned, in Euramerican dress developed country, of model specialization division of labor is very meticulous, professional underwear model is among them indispensable main component. Underwear industry has his professional underwear model, this should be underwear industry enters normalization, specialization one of important signs that run a system.

And be in China, the birth of underwear model and move toward gradually professionalism and specialization, of administration of as professional as underwear brand cartel model drive actively inseparable.

Regard the bibcock of underwear industry as the enterprise, adore a group not the product of high quality underwear that bureau be confined to offers healthy beauty for consumer, industry of model of underwear of same height attention grows and active assistance makes underwear famous model.

“ no matter from underwear edition model the fashionable sex that accuracy, underwear designs, return be underwear culture to comb, transmission, the promotion of position of the standard of underwear market, industry, need to breed underwear model very. ” adores group president Zhang Rongming to express.

The course accords with the filtration of the standard of professional underwear model with tailor-made Oriental, adore underwear to be singled out in model of about a hundred profession most the 5 people combination that accords with a standard, established group of model of the first professional and top class underwear of Chinese, as China the birth of model of first professional and top class underwear, underwear industry begins to have the culture pass that blends in mainstream vogue gradually, underwear industry begins to have the fashionable speech right that belongs his.
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