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The cold winter of garment industry?
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Although our country raises dress to export drawback to lead since August 1, but interest good news fails to come true 8, dress will export growth in September, exit amplitude still presents downtrend, from a flank report gives dress to export the market low fan. The personage inside course of study says, if combine exchange rate change, begin from June, outlet of clothing of our country textile presents negative growth all the time actually.

The expert expresses, prospective 1~2 inside year, the winter of industry of whole textile garment goes down “ cold ” , and this kind of trend cannot have been gone against turn.

The reporter notices, dress of spin of near future great majority kind appear on the market the outstanding achievement of the company is premonitory special and gloomy. Zhejiang grand amount to warp knitting Inc. vest in parent company possessory net profit and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop extent from Xiaoyu 50% amend to drop 50%~70% . The announcement of bibcock enterprise black peony that domestic jean produces says, loss of profit of net profit of before the company 3 quarters. Chinese dress is premonitory, the profit of vest in parent company will be 1 ~ in September - 15.9 million yuan. China profit of net profit of before spinning share to predict a firm 3 quarters drops 50% . The reporter notices, be opposite in each companies in the specification of outstanding achievement deficit, analyse mostly think the market is small fan, industry production is managed it is difficult to encountered huge.

Expert analysis says, afore-mentioned appearing on the market before the analytic specification of the company basically is applied to paragraph the circumstance of period, city situation nots allow after hopeful.

Of one disaster after another is, the financial storm that grow in intensity brings about global economy to add fast put delay significantly, the influence that atrophic external demand increases to Chinese spin economy is met extremely likely in future turn into negative worth. This is meant, exit has contribution no longer to spin economy growth, can delay the development of slow future economy even. “ actually, this kind of circumstance has shown symptom currently, before the basis August data year change calculate, exit is moved to be being pulled at what spin grows this year rate may fall to - 4.75% . ” expert expresses.

The personage inside course of study thinks, bring about exit amplitude to drop the mainest factor is the external demand atrophy below world economy depression, because China of this even if adjusts trade policy to also can help an enterprise reduce a loss only, and the declining tendency that turns round exit to glide from fountainhead feebly.

Outer the main area that needs the market is issued by the circumstance of the change, the market needing inside development is spin dress it seems that kind the enterprise overshoots the main avenue of difficulty. And to needing to alleviate inside the values generally support inside course of study spin exports predicament, the expert thinks, this effect may be in 3~5 is achieved after year, will never be the next year that raises about the personage. In the meantime, be forced to export as more enterprises turn sale in domestic market, the competition that the market needs inside will be more miserable intense. Origin: Salary  ?
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