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Underwear brand interlinks terminal trend to move toward He Fang
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If say 20 years before underwear catchs an opportunity to be able to make money, the operation that then I consider to underwear interlinks terminal now should pay attention to scientific sale to run more, this kind of such mode just can get abiding development, the power that at the same time antagonism competes will be stronger, this also will interlink terminal to raise taller requirement to underwear, how to combine data to be in charge of accuse terminal sheet inn, improve beneficial result of carry of battalion of gain ability, promotion.

Terminal, the platform that changes as commodity and consumer implementation value, “ that promotes as business sales volume and brand faces an one foot ” , in competition the big sale environment of small with each passing day profit leaves intense with each passing day, profit, node is controlled in the key that becomes sale fall to the ground gradually, extensive sales volume moving toward careful benefit model!

Chinese underwear industry regards dress as a branch of the industry, in 20 old development course, accompany foreign capital brand enter the rise with native land brand, already preliminary formed complete industrial chain and market structure, beginning those who enter autumn to transfer from hair exhibition period, more industry need develops in big sale environment and industry in changing, undertake transition upgrades, the operation of underwear terminal (the mode of terminal operation / the execution of terminal operation / the administrative …… of terminal operation) will become more enterprise to be in more the focus of 2 timeses sale, but the travel before at present the brand of more underwear company of Chinese market, more agent still lies in bewilderment.

From China at present of underwear market run in light of, no matter be bra, groovy underwear, household,take, briefs, still be heat preservation underwear, model body underwear, appeal underwear, no matter be to use manufacturer,self-supporting, area acts as agent, concessionary still the channel structure that join in, its are main terminal is 3 kinds of types: Brand of a gleam of basically runs market only hall shop, second line brand basically is run monopolistic and retail with concessionary join in, 3 lines brand basically is run current and wholesale. In facing sale environment and industry to change, brand of a gleam of begins to undertake sinking osmotic on the base that maintains channel stability, second line brand encircles the ground to plunder type competes in horse race, 3 lines brand begins to undertake terminal upgrades to monopolistic and retail breakthrough. A new competitive structure is being formed, and the key that undertakes in competition the brand promotes sales volume gain is in terminal, and most of the foundation often let negligence of more underwear enterprise however.

The practice with old union is run visit with the market, the author thinks more brand enterprise is having new sale position in, do not have make the breakthrough of terminal and profit pattern truly do fully fine, more ground is the float guiding in concept level, and did not fall really specific action is carried out, such making more terminal operation person advance in fumble and enter hot water, run quickly and do not match to answering resource, rise quickly to get fast also, terminal dot did not make the range that also won't form sales volume brand to promote better good, the terminal operation gain of new underwear terminal pattern, only store (especially underwear chain is monopolistic) the focal point that will make more underwear enterprise promote, a new terminal pattern is forming …… of new show of Han Zina, arctic, Ya alizarin red.
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