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Underwear was become " treat a disease divine garment "
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Recently, a kind of lady underwear advertisement that the name is tower of “ Han Guo to block pants ” , attracted the eyeball of the numerous female that breath out city. In newspaper ad and data of product conduct propaganda, the businessman introduced a kind to gathering together the female underwear of a variety of high-tech such as ” of medicines and stone needles for acupuncture-remedies of mine of ” of silver-colored ion of ” of “ aerospace magnet, “ , “ , “ anion ” , have ” of advise others by using one's own experience of many consumer “ , publicize this underwear to have model body, reduce weight, delay the turn of life, can treat the magical curative effect of disease of department of gynaecology even. A lot of consumer can't help can asking, does card pants ” have tower of this kind of “ Han Guo that doesn't in glacial city numerous drugstore price poor really so magical?

14 days afternoon, the reporter will to the area in the path that breath out city consider countryside ave ” of big chemist's shop of Li Guoren of 144 “ path, the product that just walked into the door to see tower of “ Han Guo blocks pants ” and propagandist data put the prominent place in doorway goods shelves. At this moment, a sell member that wears white unlined long gown walks over take care enthusiasticly reporter, the reporter expresses to want to understand tower of “ Han Guo to block pants ” , the member that sell takes the reporter tower of left “ Han Guo to block pants ” to sell shop instantly. The salesperson immediately in shop is full of caboodle laugh ground to introduce this kind of magical briefs to the reporter: “ is to buy family, then you can search was opposite, this kind of underwear can raise blood alimentary and regulate the menstrual function, ovarian, remove a woman unwell, achieve the cure, result that prevents disease of all sorts of department of gynaecology. ” frontier is saying, salesman still takes out tower of Guo of Han of a “ to block pants ” to look to the reporter, “ material of this kind of spin is Korea tens of medical hairdressing doctor, mechanical expert, spin expert gives full cooperation of research and development, it uses space navigation science and technology magnetism, will far silver of medicines and stone needles for acupuncture-remedies of infra-red, anion, mine is ionic be in harmony is an organic whole, have so much magical curative effect so, 298 yuan 1 adds 100 yuan to send again, not expensive. ” reporter expresses to consider a consideration again, leave drugstore subsequently.

15 days, the chief Zhang Mou that the reporter interviewed tower of “ Han Guo to block pants ” to sell a company, the tower of Guo of Han of “ of advertisement conduct propaganda that faces a reporter to put forward blocks pants ” to be able to treat a disease lawful, have the problem such as what science basis again, zhang Mou shuts a mouth not to answer, let a reporter look only.
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