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Henan garment industry, a fire in in the winter
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By September, when global finance storm coils madly, the medium and small businesses of Henan staggered in the walking in cold winter already nearly one year, nowadays, they still are holding to tenaciously. But, erupted of financial crisis to bring bigger challenge to these enterprises apparently in the round.

Spin enterprise: Did not bend over below, be good appearance

To limited company of city cotton spin (next weighing a city cotton spinning) , 2008 is not a good the year's harvest apparently. This year first half of the year, city cotton spinning realizes gain only 10 thousand yuan, be in the brim of deficit. And be in 2007, it ever still realized gain 16 million yuan, hand in taxes many yuan 3000, product quality reachs international level, produce and sale two flourishing.

This year in January ~7 month, raw material cotton relatively the corresponding period rose every tons last year 700 yuan of ~1000 yuan, according to new " labor law " , worker pay rose every months each 100 yuan, electrovalency rose every degrees 0.0306 yuan, introduce according to this company controller, these all adding in, ton gauze cost rose 500 yuan. Of cost promote considerably make a city cotton spinning step forward dimension difficult. “ is more serious is, the product is sold now not free, do not go on the price, sales volume also go up not to go. This year July stop production dimensions 25% , will continue in August stop production, stop production dimensions is achieved 50% , many workers can have a holiday only. Controller of ” this company expresses helplessly.

The survey personnel that saves bureau of service of medium and small businesses expresses, city cotton spinning travels together in complete province classy level is attributed in course of study, equipment home is top-ranking, enterprise mechanism is very good also, product quality is good, class is high. Cause the main reason of management difficulty, both neither is business management not to be pooh-poohed, also not be equipment ageing, “ macroscopical policy and change of international economy environment are main reason ” .

Henan saves the news spokesman Li Xiuming of spin association to tell a reporter, it is a city cotton spinning not simply such, almost provincial all spin enterprises are uneasy. When the reporter expresses to want to cover a case, li Shui, what dare disclose oneself without how many enterprise now is true live state. Because, once speak truth, the bank urges Zhang immediately, the company goes broke instantly.

A manager of the city that install this world of spin enterprise expresses, spin enterprise nevers mention it this year made money, “ did not bend over below, can hold out the past, it is good ” .

Complete province: The benefit of medium and small businesses of 90% drops

Actually, the experience of spin enterprise is an epitome of all medium and small businesses only. This year first half of the year, in medium and small businesses of Henan dimensions above, deficit 907, deficit specified number 4.268 billion yuan, deficit specified number increases compared to the same period 156.7% . Obtain fine county only one ground, this year first half of the year the enterprise of stop production 510, close down enterprise 39.
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