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Environmental protection will become dress mainstream
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Upsurge in environmental protection consciousness below, consumer is willing to buy environmental protection goods more. According to WP2007 year estimation of report of ” of research of card of chromaticity of “ predestined relationship, the market dimensions of the product that the whole world had environmental protection idea 2008 and service will relatively increased 1 times 2007, amount to 500 billion dollar.

The ” of market of dress of environmental protection of whole world of newest report “ that occupies American market additionally to study company Packaged Facts is released shows, dimensions of market of estate of environmental protection dress amounted to 3 billion dollar 2007, hold global dress total value 0.7% of 450 billion dollar, forecast will grow further 2008.

Environmental protection dress is begun by fiber

Dress production includes raw material of → of fiber raw material to machine → spin cloth to form → dress to produce treatment → dress to consume → plant line of business to reclaim processing, course of study person when developing environmental protection dress, answer to consider from the most original fiber raw material