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Embry Wen Qing: focus on doing underwear sales are still exploring
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December 1, Embry Group completed 35 anniversary celebration of the new headquarters building in Shanghai held a grand, staged at the same time called "through time and space, gorgeous bloom Magic of body" concepts of underwear fashion show. As for 14 since 1996, won the National Bureau of Statistics "in its product sales in the first, the first sales, market share first," the title of the underwear brand, Embry how competition in the market in the future before OK? Gap in the conference, a reporter on the Embry Group Director of Marketing and Brand Center Youth Culture in an interview. Reporter: Do you think consumers will pay attention to the selection of underwear, what factors? Embry is how to achieve? Green paper: According to Embry market for so many years the feedback, I think the primary factor in selection of lingerie is comfortable, and the second is the function, followed by fashion. Underwear as a personal thing, the wearing effect of direct experience by the body, so consumers the comfort of underwear, a very high value; and functional needs of women more and more refined lingerie, such as the need for evening dress with three-dimensional shape, exercise is more at home biased in favor of comfort; the same time as the development trends and aesthetics, consumers look for underwear fashion and made more personalized requirements. Embry implementation of multi-brand development strategy, specifically for the needs of women of various product development, such as high-end brands LIZA CHENG, to create the most suitable form of luxury lingerie Asian women, sophisticated luxury; FANDECIE is representative of the young fashion brand , the interpretation of a lovely sweet Q-SEXY. Comprehensive brand lines, caters to women of different levels of consumer demand. Reporter: Embry Group added a new member this year, in the fourth quarter, a fifth sub-brand - E-BRA, the current market does open up the brand, how? Wen Ching: E-BRA's not a long time for the market, only a few months, the advance of the market situation is relatively satisfactory. To Embry Group, stylish, professional based, E-BRA located in the middle-income urban women with stylish, comfortable and healthy, affordable and a quality assurance value of professional underwear brand, so consumers can have a relaxed manner a quality piece of underwear. Reporter: Embry has implemented online marketing plan? Wen Ching: Online sales are the requirements of market consumption trends, Embry is also concerned about this information. But online sales are mostly to carry out this form Taobao, Embry how to carry out network marketing, specific plans are still to explore and study, brand positioning to be the way to meet to carry out. Reporter: The markedly effective domestic competition fierce underwear brands, such as love was to enhance the strength of advertising in the mass media, Manni Fen this year sponsored the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant, Embry how to look the other underwear brands from the campaign and market competition? Wen Ching: We also noticed that other brands of these market movements, as opposed to fashion, the underwear be emerging industry, and now all of these brands are close to the work of shaping the brand image will make the whole industry and the market better, I am delighted to see such a competitive situation. The promotion is closely linked with the enterprise product, the brand features Embry is that she has always stressed that "people oriented", the product of science and technology with the escalation, whether it was the first launch of "eco-textiles" or beautiful works Anli Fang Green Eco-Industrial Park - Embry (Shandong) Industrial Park, all that Embry has been to put people first, the pursuit of excellence, never-ending. Reporter: The idea that China's underwear market is not a monopoly territory, Embry which plans to further expand market share and action? Qing Wen: China's underwear market is very big piece of cake compared to Japan and Taiwan, the domestic consumer market underwear there is great room for growth. Speaking of expanding share, in fact, Embry has been focused on Miss Yu Zuohao underwear on this matter, as the founder of Mr. Cheng Man Tai Embry founded the year when the brand, but also did not think to go with what brand competition, just do all the to make underwear, underwear for women to become lifelong friends to accompany, care for women in all stages of life - puberty, pregnancy, body type underwear needs adjustment, Embry have given attentive care. Underwear products are now seeking to display the "female beauty", but each brand and each consumer, "United States" has a different interpretation of the concept and interpretation, and Embry to do is to insist on comfort and health, brand and business will adhering to the founder of the purpose, concentrate on underwear. I work for a decade in Embry, and I approved this belief deeply for, and admiration. Embry also believe that this is what we adhere to the fundamental and market-based capital.