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Sexy underwear in Chinas development
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Sexy underwear for all of us must have still relatively unknown, and individuals have asked young people around (20s), you know sexy underwear is not, they all head wagging, I find it amazing, after all, the young Comparison of new things people are curious. While the racy lingerie lingerie market into China only a few years time, that does not not know it! Personal contact with racy lingerie industry has for some time, since that is considered A better understanding, so today to talk about the sexy lingerie. Before the appearance of the sexy lingerie, women should be the most sexy costumes lingerie bikini three o'clock, and that's women are not wearing underwear in public places, after all, China is a traditional country, as the table Now can only say you are a "not serious" woman, with the reform and opening up the changes, people's attitudes are beginning to line with international standards, so people must be brave enough, like the characters inside the TV, wearing a sexy bikini in public Swimming pool, of course, more business to boost sales, make models wear bikini catwalk at the mall entrance. Sexy lingerie now emerged, it also suffered the bikini had been subjected to treatment that is the trend of the conflict with traditional culture, but has a small number of people know and understand the racy lingerie, they are not the It is considered vulgar, but the reasonable use of it to improve the quality of life of couples. Of course, if someone is willing to accept these new things, will inevitably lead to its rapid development, which is not sexy underwear, but also there is a growing trend of this. The type of sexy underwear very rapid development, now we may be more understanding of, for example, game uniforms, thong, and fun to wear pajamas in bed, etc. All these indicate the existence of its market. Although some people sexy underwear is acceptable, but this part of the people are really not very sexy lingerie will use to regulate the atmosphere, most of the women wearing sexy lingerie is to make yourself sexy, men enjoy yourself Praise, and totally do not know how to tease men wearing sexy underwear. Men do? Often do is on holidays, buy a set of sexy underwear to your beloved one, in fact you can think of sexy lingerie to more Things.