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Daianfen 08 Chun Xiaxin tastes a news briefing
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Yellow Pu Jiang appears it seems that all the more dazzling and be full of temptation, international a gleam ofUnderwearBrand black An Fen fills date of international of be in harmony to went up to bring for all honored guests in luxurious You Lun the name is “ night of · colourful ” 2008 Chun Xiaxin tastes a news briefing. This makes whole evening Shanghai does it Jing is colourful unceasingly news briefing, a variety of stirring instants that make meticulously with its are attendant all circles commerce gigantic Gu Ji's public figure stayed lifelong and unforgettable not the night of Mian.

It is reported, daianfen 1886 only then achieve Yu Deguo, insist to be product concept with comfortable, high grade, vogue, innovation from beginning to end since a century. With its charge for the making of sth. of popular design, exquisite, cozy feeling, advanced fabrics, gained the favour of whole world female. Enclothe the marketing network of more than 120 countries, more beside send the whole world every woman Daianfen's consideration. 2007, daianfen two advocate hit ” of art of deep V of ” of temptation of product “ deep V and “ to cause the unrest of “ deep V” with an enthusiastic echo in fashionable bound, make concept of “ deep V” thorough popular feeling. This also makes fashionable bound and numerous woman customer new to Daianfen of one seasonUnderwearWas full of expect.

On this news briefing, daianfen carries SLOGGI of banner inferior card, TRIUMPH and VALISERE ideal explanation gave different age paragraph the female's beauty and yearning. 3 canto comprise the ” of Temple of God of the assistant ” that rectifies a show to yearn for decay by “ , force ” that “ defeats chrysalis and goes out and “ heart regression, the deduces a woman to upgrade ceaselessly beauty that the crystal garment with the assistant that adopts irregular change much posture, colorful and clever butterfly, flowery enchanting never is the same as angle incisively and vividly and temptation, expressional female body and mind grows cleverly with decay process, 3 themes show is dialed used the site the affection of numerous audience heart. And while the news briefing undertakes, the LED of a tall clarity is giant convoy of advertisement annulus whole journey, hand in photograph echo with cross-strait rainbow, the “ night that increased a to belong to Daianfen alone for the yellow Pu Jiang below inside story of a plot · colourful ” is alluring. And these enthusiasm that still can't represent Daianfen far, from Shanghai edifice of Jin Mao of the first high-rise shoots the long-range spotlight below the 90th layer, rectify late follow to be controlled in You Lun, this “ night · colourful ” is enveloped in chasing after light gorgeously, illumed whole range.
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