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The pride with Italian top class fashionable luxury
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LA PERLAUnderwearIt is the world go up the most colorful also be the costliestUnderwearBig shop sign, it is the pride with Italian top class fashionable luxury, than Italy another famousUnderwearBrand LEVANTE more insanity letting a person. LA PERLA is a dream, it is the dream of a noble. If you are the Buyer of a top class vogue, if face hesitate of brand of so much high-grade underwear, need to choose LA PERLA underwear only so, other refuse. LA PERLA manufactures not just the most exalted underwear, playsuit, grow all silk socks, dress, evening dress is waited a moment, still produce top class high-heeled shoes and perfume, LA PERLA subordinate still has men's clothing of such as MALIZIA, MARVEL, GIORGIO PERLA, JOELLE to sleep the deputy card such as gown.

LA PERLAUnderwearNot unfamiliar to European female, can have however to Chinese female some look and cowardly pace. In Europe the LA PERLA of high-grade underwear in belonging toUnderwear, be accepted by major female, in Chinese price however very costly. On 1000 yuanUnderwearAlso let a lot of females dare not imagine. After all where is its glamour? The newest money underwear of La Perla07 Nian Qiudong, let us be experienced together.