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Jia Lishi of underwear big alligator enters pale river
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Poem of Guangdong fine Li (international) southwest of clothing limited company produces base to lay a foundation and Chengdu Jia Lishi invests limited company to establish a ceremony to develop an area to hold centrally in pale river industry. Labor of former undersecretary of ministry of national labor safeguard, China learns week of chairman China blessing, concerned branch chief attended deputy mayor Bai Gang and province, city to establish a ceremony. Bai Gang lays a foundation to base on behalf of municipal government reach Chengdu company to hold water expressed enthusiastic congratulation. He points out, poem of Guangdong fine Li (international) clothing limited company is to have imports and exports the China of self-supporting authority is famousUnderwearEnterprise, company southwest produces the construction of base, labour force of the Chengdu City of will sufficient play is resourceful compare a dominant position with what pale river industry grows, accelerate for the our city carry out urban and rural as a whole, advance test division construction to make contribution. He asks relevant section and each pale river area want city class to provide excellent service for the enterprise, make base early building, early put into production.

Come 3 times to enrol business to drawUnderwearBig alligator

According to introducing, company of fine Li poem is enterprises of 10 beautiful underwear brand, there is site of 500 many sales in home, sell as far as to North America, Europe, middle east and southeast Asia. But, only the Fosan headquarters of many 2000 40 product line, employee already cannot satisfy the development with flying enterprise far. Aim at this one opportunity, pale river area is cast to this enterprise gave olive branch, area appoint clerical Sun Jiancheng is more lead a team 3 times to go to Guangdong Jia Lishi headquarters to visit early or late. Condition of the traffic of “ pale river, content shedding, foundation satisfactory, especially the service of governmental sincerity and meticulously, more sturdy our investment settle, collective do the business make powerful determination greatly. He Baijiang of president of company of ” Jia Lishi expresses.

It is reported, the base that begins construction in pale river area yesterday is the base that this company invests exclusively in southwest, market research and development, design, production, sale at an organic whole, total investment will amount to 500 million yuan, taxation of year of turn over to the higher authorities predicts to will exceed 20 million yuan after building. It is reported, southwest base will equip 80 modern product line, form the productivity that produces per year 10 million underwear, exceeded the dimensions of headquarters not only, the underwear that the whole nation still will make implement scale most after building produces one of base.

5000 post solve local obtain employment

Yesterday lay a foundation the spot, although weather is bad, but the villager around people will whole place is surrounded watertightly. “ listens say this factory wants to enrol a lot of people on the town, and all enrol workingwoman, we attend rapidly groom, also go to work later when the worker! ” villager people excited unceasingly.
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