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CalvinKlein heat lifts Shanghai to go up " STEEL " man underwear agitation
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Found 25 years to celebrate Calvin Klein Underwear, a few days ago, this brand collected square to hold in Shanghai harbor taste a news briefing newly, rolled out “STEEL” man seriesUnderwear. And take up the post of its on invitation the brand is new the heat of the well-known actress Djimon Hounsou of spokesman of one season figure is hot appear, the distinguished personages of leader of high level of area of Asia-Pacific of together with Calvin Klein Underwear and all circles honored guest meets, more gifted the salon atmosphere with mysterious, high, costly news briefing, reveal “STEEL” is original and classical man grade.

Found the CalvinKleinUnderwear 1982, it is on the world first famous underwear brand that names with stylist, more than 400 brand is had to sell store continuously in the whole world. 1985, the lumbar border label with famous Calvin Klein Underwear more because its are in the film " return tomorrow " medium sexy exposure, and the popular mark that with one action makes sexy culture, won in the whole world one large quantities of young embrace wholesale.

Series tastes issuance “STEEL” newly, be culture of CalvinKleinUnderwear man underwear is brand-new deduce.

“ vogue, bold, conspicuous originality is the brand style of CalvinKleinUnderwear, but meanwhile, we also pay attention to the practical function of underwear more, of the dot eyeball that ‘STEEL’ series designs language and confluence of underwear culture photograph namely make. ” occupies manager of department of market of region of China of Calvin Klein Underwear Introduction Cindy, “STEEL” pays close attention to the character connotation of the product more, the series product that rolls out this pledges with cotton respectively and extremely fine fibre is made, fill what fission showed cozy to the body nature to caress a concept. Cindy says: This “ money is tasted newly still have special human body ‘ to remember ’ function, after be being worn, can remember human body feature, when be being worn next time will more close-fitting. ”

The sale foreground that the “STEEL” series that appears on the market in the round to be about to be in China tastes newly, calvin Klein company is quite hopeful, calvinKlein brand president and presiding battalion carry long Tom Murry expresses: “ is told to Calvin Klein Underwear, the issuance that ‘STEEL’ series tastes newly is a very important milestone. Go no matter or be now, it represented the brand value of CalvinKlein and actual strength. We create sex appealUnderwear, and endeavor let everybody can be enjoyed accumulate contain among them comfortable, grade, sex appeal and vogueUnderwearCulture, appreciate arrives real life fun. ”

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