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Xia Daifang money of 07 autumn winters
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Of duration the crown of the year fall, xia Daifang rolls out money of 07 autumn winters ceremoniouslyUnderwear. The design of this season, blended in rich Chinese tradition element of lucky and festival culture, combined Western-style chic adornment and choiceness overall arrangement, perfect those who deduce a female is exalted and costly.

To honour female happy event if China is red, thick like champagne red, intense is like rouge Shi Gong of red, Gui Rubao, Dan Rutao spends red ……The design of music of affection deep desire is conceived, exalted and decorous combination intention, this is the “ that Xia Daifang creats meticulously comes honour female ” theme. This series continued Xia Daifang sells well for years design “ the design style of series of phoenix dance ” , get of female of Chinese high quality love.