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Feline person " filar Hua Chaoshuang " taste underwear newly to accept favour
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Enter October, be Qiu Dong season immediatelyUnderwearSell busy season, cater to consumptive market demand, eachUnderwearManufacturer is in timely roll out taste newly in order to detonate sales volume, UnderwearMarket it may be said is contended for strange bottle colourful. The reporter visited much home market and large supermarket a few days ago, discover “ vogue and sexy ” already were become this year the pronoun of underwear, when most person is buying underwear, pledge color, material regard first selection as with design. Taste “ silk newly with what underwear also rolls out fashionable and famous cat person this year underwear of vogue of Hua Chaoshuang ” .

Company of the person that occupy a cat concerns personnel introduction, feline person this season advocate hit underwear of series of ” of “ silk Hua Chaoshuang to accede feline person's consistent superior quality and fashionable design, on the design, use get changefully model and stereo cut out in order to satisfy the tie-in requirement of all sorts of style dress, adorn Shihualuoshiji at the same time crystal color is gotten, bring exalted, costly, comfortable experience to the person. And go up character in material, extract the Austrian Lan Jingchao from natural Ju wood choicely fiber of acting Er of fine day wood, exceed with what every Kekela extends 9000 meters spend imperceptibly, the biggest change reduce fibrous Mao Yu to feel, solve phenomenon of the ball since fabric, more silk slips, more bright skin.

Concerned personage expresses, present consumer is rightUnderwearthe demand such as design, quality of a material, color is higher, comfortable, have design feeling, individual character, styleUnderwearBecame the love of the mind of consumer.